Read The Case Study Please Find Attachment And Answer 5 Discussion Point Questions Given At The End

Please read the case study and answer the questions given under Discussion Points.

Below questions are given in the Case study pdf file to answer.

1. MasterCard managers are motivated to increase (1) the number ofindividuals who have and use a MasterCard credit card, (2) the numberof banks and other clents who issue MasterCards to customers and/oremployees, and (3) the number of locations that accept MasterCardpayments. Discuss how MasterCard could use its data warehouse to helpit expand each of these customer bases.2. MasterCard makes its analytics tools available to all of its memberbanks and other issuers. It knows that getting its clients to use thesetools can be critical to keeping them as loyal customers. Discuss thesteps that MasterCard can take to promote greater use of its BI andreporting tools by its clients. Who do you think larger or smaller clientswill benefit most from MasterCard’s analytics tools? Why?3. Do some Internet research to identify examples of “tap & go”applications. What are some typical types of “tap & go” paymentapplications and what growth trends are expected? Do you think thatthere are limits to the types of applications that “tap & go” paymentscan be used for? Why or why not?4. Do some research on the extent to which MasterCard’s PayPass digitalwallet is being embraced as a payment mechanism for online purchases.What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital wallets such asPayPass? What can MasterCard do to encourage online merchants toaccept PayPass digital wallet payments?5. Supporting mobility and smartphone apps is important to MasterCard.What challenges does MasterCard face in rolling out smartphonepayment systems? Which of these do you think will be most difficult toaddress? Why?

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