Read The Following Article S Amp Op Discussion 2 Student Replys

Read the following article S & OP…

1. How can bringing all of the various functions together benefit the operational performance?

2. reply to two student posts below


Jamie Pounds

There was a lot of things talked about in this reading assessment. I do not remember all of the things that I read. I do remember that it talked about sales and operations. I know in sales that it can be a trying time in a business. Having the tools to help for see what a customer will like a head of time is a good thing. Like if I had a store and I wanted to buy 2 cases of soda. I would like to have the technology to see what the sales in my area will be doing ahead of time. This will help me to see what will sale better than others. Like should I get Pepsi or Coke. Things like this really do help the business.


Hector Hernandez

Sales and Operations Planning( S& OP) is a process of cooperation , collaboration, and communication. S&OP-focuses attention towards key drivers as, sales, marketing, demand management, production, and Inventory management. typically the CEO or head management set the tone of the firm and how each area of focus the strategy, planning or goals of the various sections of operations have to work in sync to achieve efficient objectives.

It is the goal of ownership and management to develop consistent plans. Its important to communicate the issues and develop consensus among team members and suppliers alike. Departments as marketing, sales department, and warehouse-inventory functions-transportation; all in collaboration to facilitate conducive feed back loops for better adjustments. The idea is and finely , an end game plan. Usually to provide a customer(s) need at the right price and the right location, consistently .

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