Read The Requirement Carefully Please 1

  1. Watch the following videos and read the article on the Takata Airbag Crisis called A Ticking Time BombPreview the document:
    • Bloomberg Story (June 2, 2016) (Links to an external site.)
      Minimize Video
    • CNBC News Story (January 13, 2017) (Links to an external site.)Takata Will Plead Guilty To Wire Fraud, Agrees To $1B Settlement
    • CNN News Story (June 26, 2017) (Links to an external site.)Airbag manufacturer Takata files for bankruptcy
    • CBS News Story (December 8, 2017) (Links to an external site.)  4:16 Apple Is King In The Mobile Space | CNBC CNBC Recommended for you  3:05 Millions affected by exploding airbag recall CNN 18K views  6:14 First Horizon National Corp CEO: Banking On The Banks | Mad Money | CNBC CNBC Recommended for you  1:48 Warren Buffett's Big Bet On IBM Showing Signs Of Life | CNBC CNBC Recommended for you  6:00 Hollywood's 'Brandfather' Talks Disrupting Food Industry | Squawk Box | CNBC CNBC Recommended for you  3:44 Elizabeth Warren And Ben Carson Spar Over HUD Money Going To Donald Trump Empire | CNBC CNBC Recommended for you  0:57 Here's what a Takata airbag explosion looks like CNNMoney Recommended for you  3:15 China Warns Of A 'Showdown With The U.S.' | CNBC CNBC Recommended for you  2:20 Former Takata executives indicted for fraud and conspiracy CBS Evening News Recommended for you AutoComplete: Ford, Toyota expand Takata recall lists by hundreds of thousands of cars Roadshow Recommended for you Poverty rates surge in American suburbs PBS NewsHour 292K views Trump urges Alabama voters to support GOP candidate ABC News 11K views NTSB: One person dead after Southwest Airlines incident Fox News Recommended for you New Early December snowstorm in an unlikely place CBS Evening News 955 views For Alabama, tight Senate election is about state’s identity and future PBS NewsHour 11K views EU president: 'Breaking up is hard' - BBC News BBC News 35K views Roy Moore Campaign Seizes On Donald Trump Visit | NBC Nightly News NBC News 1.6K views Preschool "twins" take a stand against discrimination CBS Evening News 727K views Passenger recalls Southwest Airlines emergency landing 6abc Action News 144K views New An update on Takata's auto safety recall
  2. Identify the following and include the results of your analysis in a report submitted to Canvas before 11:59 p.m. Friday, October 9, 2020:
    • Relevant facts (what happened, when, and by what/whom)
    • Primary stakeholders (companies, agencies, and people)
    • Ethical issues
    • Actions needed to resolve the crisis and prevent it from happening again
    • Check your vehicle’s recall status at

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