Reading Responses Advertising And Sports

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  • Pardun texbook, 229-245
  • Reading responses should be 2-3 pages long,double spaced, with normal font size and margins. In your response, using thereadings that were assigned for that week, please answer the followingquestions:-What is the topic that theweek’s readings dealt with?

    -How do the authors approach thetopic? I.e., what are the main arguments being presented, either for or againstthe issue at hand? How do any additional readings, if applicable, add to thisdebate?

    -Do you find one perspectivemore compelling? Why? Who do you align with?

    -Reflect upon the quality of thearguments made – not just whether you agree with their conclusions

    -Feel free to add in additionalinformation or research that you feel is relevant to the week’s topic, ifappropriate.

    -Make sure to citethe Pardun chapters you are responding to, in addition to any outsideinformation you bring into your paper.

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