Reflection About Women

You have two choices. (1) Pick afilm that you feel is a solid attempt to defy/disrupts the male gaze,and explain how it does so, and the powerful, positive messages itcommunicates to women (and girls, and even include LGBTQI+ persons ifpossible – be inclusive & intersectional!). Be sure to also discussif your film choice can do more/go further to defy/disrupt the male gazeand how you think it could do so. OR (2) Do you agree with Young? – Isthere a unique female subjectivity/experience in clothing that does notfall prey to the oppression of the male gaze/patriarchal structures? IsHE always in the picture or not? Once again, if possible be inclusive& intersectional in your writing.

  • You may speak using the first person.
  • Whilethis is not a super formal piece of academic writing, please follow theusual guidelines of good grammar, spelling, punctuation. Try tostructure your reflection so it doesn’t feel like a rant. Execution iskey here! Oh and yes, you may swear if you feel the need to.
  • Tocite readings simply name the author and the page number from the text.Direct quoting is not necessary, summary is always nice, but if you domake sure you clearly show where it comes from.
  • You may includein your reflection personal experience, or examples from the media, orfilm, or music, etc. – a real concrete example to illustrate yourreflection. Make sure to include websites or information to cite thisexample.
  • If you go over the word limit the is fine. If you are under it, that’s not fine.
  • Toupload to DropBox, simply click on the tab, and near your name is adrop down menu called “actions” – click it and then you’ll see ‘uploadfiles’. Select that. You don’t necessarily get an email receipt, so ifyou want to make sure it is there you can email me to say you uploadedit and to confirm it.
  • As per the syllabus, it is optional to dothe reflection this week. You have to do 5 in total over term, andwhich weeks you do a reflection is up to you.

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