Reflection On Community


The requirements for the second project of this course ask that you think about the perspectives of a specific community and then produce a persuasive text. As such, for Project Two you will be writing a persuasive letter on behalf of a community you belong to.

To get you started on this, I’d first like you to think about community—what does this word mean, and what communities do you belong to? We usually define community as a group of individuals with common interests or beliefs and/or collective goals. Communities can form based on shared identities, like race, culture, religion, or can be established based on a common set of interests—you can belong to the gaming community, for instance, or the Left-Handers Club (a real club in high schools—they petition for left-handed scissors, etc).

For Project Two, you will have to make an argument on behalf of your community, whatever it may be, so the first step is identifying a community to which you feel you belong. For this homework assignment, I’d like you to do some reflective work, thinking about your various identities and interests, in order to identify the community you’d like to argue on behalf of for this project. In 2-3 paragraphs, I’d like you to reflect on the following questions:

  • What are some of the ways that you identify? For this, you could think generally about your race, your religion, your culture, etc. or any other set of practices, belief systems, or interests that you think play a role in how you navigate the world around you.
  • Pick one of these identities that you’d like to focus on for this project and describe the community you are part of as a result of this identity. What are some of the characteristics of this community? What are some of the things that unify it?
  • How do you feel that you relate to or fit into this community?
  • And finally, what are some of the issues or challenges that this community faces?What are some arguments you might want to make on behalf of this community in your letter?

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