Research The Names Theories Below And Match The Theorist And Or Theoretical Perspective To The Statement That Best Represents The Viewpoint


Research the names/theories below, and match the theorist and/or theoretical perspective to the statement that best represents the viewpoint. Explain your choice by identifying and explaining two major components of each theory.Major theorist(s) + two major components = 3 points for each question.

Sigmund FreudInformation Processing Theory

Social-Cognitive Learning Theory Behaviorist theory

Jean PiagetErik Erikson

1. In everyday life, unconscious ideas are struggling for expression; what might seem casual slips of the tongue are actually expressions of real, though unacknowledged, motivations.

2. Humans are limited in how much information they can process at any given time.

3. Cognitive thought develops in four qualitatively different stages, ranging from exploring through the senses and motor abilities to abstract, logical thinking.

4. Psychology is the science of behavior, and as such, deals only with observable acts that can be objectively described in terms such as stimulus and response.

5. People learn from observing other people.

6.Development is lifelong and involves a number of psychosocial tasks.

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