Respond To 2 Classmates 26

1,A good life to me means that I am doing my best to follow my own morals and trying to be the best that I can as a mother and wife. I try to do my best by having individual goals for myself and trying to achieve them. I also have goals for my husband and kids to keep us growing as a family. The good life means consciously staying motivated to be better each day from the day before. As for the living above zero, I remain to work on keeping my mind positive and also staying away from things and people who bring me down, therefore I try to live above zero. Pushing myself to be humble and happy daily has been a struggle for me as I have suffered a lot of heartache as a young child losing my mother and father and becoming an adult at a young age. However, in my life today I have accomplished many goals of mine. My life is meaningful now that I have a husband and 2 children whose lives I have impacted and that’s what keeps me happy daily.

2.Hello Team,

In chapter 2 we begin learning about how happiness ties into positive psychology. “A good life” can be characterized or described differently based on the individual. My definition would be similar to to the one in the chapter. I think we get to warped into society and how society can “paint” a picture of what a good life is, but we should strive for what will

make us happy. Personally a good life for me would include me being able to support my family, pay for children’s college tuition, and do lots of traveling. My idea of a good life may fit for some of you but not all, so it’s important to understand our goals and ambitions before we can say we are living a good life. Life above zero is an element of postive psychology, and personally i would say I’m starting to live a life above zero. This occurred when I reached a point in my

life where I get stuck. After a deep self evaluation I was able to determine my strengths and weaknesses and developed a plan to minimize those weaknesses. Since that approach I have received a promotion at work, my relationship with my wife and kids is stronger than ever, I lost 30 pounds so far on my weight loss journey, and ultimately I wake up happy!

Has anyone else had a similar experience, if not what has been your approach to stay positive and happy in your life?

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