Respond To 2 Classmates 33

1.The concept of emergency management has evolved in the last decades to adapt to the needs of our national security. Since the 9/11 attacks on our country many things have changed to prevent future attacks. All departments within the government and national security communicating together for our nation’s safety is a major step. After the 9/11 attacks our country went to being on high alert from everything from airport security to new polices. With the Patriot Act in 2001 the country’s main focus to stop and prevent terrorism. Combating terrorism is ever changing with the advancements in technology each day. Terrorist now do not have to enter our country to perform attacks of terrorism. Restrictions after 9/11 have also made it more difficult for other nations citizens to gain citizenship in our country. This also affected the way other countries have handled terrorism and the policies that they have set into place. The terror attacks also spiked an increase in our military budget since one month after the attacks our country went to war. The attacks also sparked many deportations our illegal immigrants in our country.

2.The modern concept of emergency management has grown for the civil defense days. It has grown in a positive and better ways. It has grown to protect civilians and responds to community needs. Emergency management as a profession has grown throughout the years aside from the natural an evolution of a career and specific events and developments have contributed to the changes. A big and major change was the 9/11 terrorist attacks that altered the nation’s view of emergency management. At that point it opened new career possibilities in different departments. After the 9/11 more positions were opened in different departments. Many lives were lost due to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Departments had to hire more people to keep the country safe. This industry evolution has been the result of catastrophe, calamities, heightened risk, and newly identified threats that affect the population, economic stability. Therefore, the emergency management has expanded to help when people need help in any kind. I this point the emergency management is still growing and continues to help when the country is in need of help.

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