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Topic 1, Socioeconomic status

Some of the major effects on child-rearing in the socioeconomic status (SES) are psychological health, physical health, education, and the well being of the family. SES is a big part of what environment children will grow up in. Children’s families with low SES are more prone to inconsistent sleep patterns and may also be overweight due to the cost of junk food vs healthy food. They may also develop learning disabilities and for them, they are at a higher risk of being a high school drop out than families with a high SES.

Topic 2, Services/Recourses in our community

The department of social services (DCC) is one of the resources used to handle abuse reports. They take the report and assist the problem by sending the right authorities to the household the report may refer to. They assess and evaluate the parents and the house environment and decide if the children may be in any harmful situation. If the decision is made that the home to be unfit for the child to live it then the process of removal of the child begins. With that said there are still many services provided to help parents with these turns of events. There is cash assistance, food and nutrition services, child services, adult services, and in-home support services.

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