Respond To Adriana 4

chapter 9

respond to adriana with 150 words

Topic 1: Messages from television

Movies and shows seem to influence children’s manners, attitudes, and behavior. Depending on what is playing on tv it can be a bad or good influence. Such as shows or movies that come with commercials. A commercial purpose/message is to show its audience that they may have problems such as, lack of confidence, lack of friends, lack of money, lack of anything that they feel can be resolved through the product being advertised. With children, there is one thing they learn from commercials, that whatever problems they have can be resolved fast and with the product being advertised.

Berns, R. M. (2016). Child, Family, School, Community Socialization, and Support (10th ed.).

Topic 2: Fairy Tales
The movie I decided to look into is Tangled. This movie has some aspect of negative and positive actions/emotions. The majority of Disney princess movies are directed towards young girls and try to teach them good values and lessons. In Tangled Rapunzel has an abusive relationship with her “mother” the witch. Throughout the movie, Rapunzel is verbally abused by the witch. She goes on and on about how she’s “immature, clumsy, ditty’s and a bit, well mm vague and admit you’re getting kinda chubby”. Through this, she tells her she’s doing it out of love and cares a lot about her but in all reality, all she cares about is that Rapunzel is her only source of youth. Scenarios like this are put into movies to introduce negative relationships so perhaps the children can realize what is wrong with this behavior. If a child can recognize this abusive behavior and associate it negatively with the witch then they are less likely to perform the same behavior.
The negative side of this beloved film is the gender-role stereotype and it’s almost all-male cast. Flynn, the man who helps Rapunzel out of her tower, fits the gender-role of saving the damsel in distress. Rapunzel fits the stereotype of a housewife, who depends on a man and who stays inside cleaning and baking. With this happening in more and more children’s movies, it further lowers female importance in the world and the films.

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