Respond To Meghan 9

please respond to meghan with 200 words 100 words for each topic

Topic 1: Gender

A child’s parents create the environment that the child will develop their gender identity in. The child is treated in certain behavioral ways according to the child’s sex. Boys are usually treated rougher and taught to be more aggressive. Girls are treated gently and more delicately than boys. Parents tend to buy gender specific toys, games, and books for their children. Father’s do seem to be more opinionated on how their male children are treated. Huston (1993), Leaper (2000) discussed “Throughout childhood, parents encourage males in active, gross motor, and manipulative play; females are encouraged in passive feminine role taking and fine motor play, with fathers being more stereotypical than mothers”( as citied in Berns, 2016, p. 488).These patterns that parents and other adults relay to children develop the child’s cognitive thoughts on gender. A child’s environment also has influence on the way children develop their perceived gender role. Boys and girls are directed to gender specific activities. The child looks to their peers for acceptance. They observe other children and imitate them. Both boys and girls want to be accepted by their peers and many times compete for social status. The child’s school and community they live in also influence the child’s idea of gender. In that in some schools activities such as sports, electives offered, and schools extra curricular activities can be gender specific. Within the community many roles or careers are gender specific. Many women work as secretaries, nurse’s, or within the home. Men have more professional prestigious roles. According to Berns, in communities the stereotypical role of women are occupations of nurturing, service, or teaching, while men occupations such as engineering, law, and medicine are prevalent.

I went to Target’s toy department and found a doll aisle and a hot wheels and action figure aisle. The store did offer play-doh, lego’s, and baby toys that were gender neutral. The older children were offered card and board games, sporting equipment, and science related kits that are gender neutral. It was easy to see that the girl’s toys were in pink and other bright colors, and the boy’s toys were in blue and darker colored packaging. Comstock & Scharrer ( 2007) discussed “ That boys video games have violence and are action packed. Many male games are centered around sports and learning strategy. Girls games are based on skill and luck, and toward female role models” ( as citied in Berns, 2016, p. 494).

Topic 2: Self-regulation.

Self-regulation is how a person is able to control their impulses and thoughts until they are able to act on their impulses or ideas at the appropriate time. Berns wrote “Self-regulatory behavior involves the ability to delay gratification, the ability to sustain attention to the task, and the ability to plan and self-monitor a goal-directed activity, whether social or moral conduct or academic or athletic achievement” (2016, p. 453). An example of self-regulation is when a tent was set up in the classroom of preschoolers, when the children entered the room they became very excited and of course wanted to play inside the tent. The teacher told them that they have to do their school work before they could play in the tent. The children were excited to do their daily assignments so they could play once they were finished with the goals. The children would encourage the one’s that were still working. Once all the children had completed their assignments they all played together with many smiles, laughter, and excitement in the tent.


Berns, Roberta M. Child, Family, School, Community. 10th ed., Cengage Learning, Inc, 2016.

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