Response To Discussion Post Minimum 150 Words 42

Make two response posts to peers’ initial posts by providing an application of community based on their description or the literature that they present.

Student post down below:

The community that I engage in and choose to discuss would be the mental health community. Here in the city I live in there is not much help for the mental health community. The community I live in has a major problem with substance abuse, a problem with homelessness, and mental health illness. When thinking of a community my definition would be the city, I live in. Cobigo, Martin, & Mcheimech (2016) explain, “Community was also at times viewed as a tangible entity. For instance, if a person defines their community by the place where they live, then their neighborhood is the tangible representation of their community.” For myself this would agree with my definition of community. When it comes to the mental health community I myself have mental health illness so I would be a member of that community if we were basing communities on conditions or needs. When it comes to mental health here, we are left to get a referral from a doctor, which takes months, and hope it works. Not everyone works well with every psychiatrist or counselor. Glasby & Dickinson (2013) explains, “Over time, mental health has been a key area of inter-agency and inter-professional activity, recognizing that people rarely have clear cut needs that fall neatly into the remit of one organization or profession. This has included the formation of Community Mental Health Teams (often an informal grouping of local professionals coming together to provide care in a more multi-disciplinary manner) as well as more recent and more formal developments (such as Assertive Outreach, Crisis Resolution and Early Intervention teams – often referred to as ‘functionalized’ teams).” This is something our city needs if it doesn’t have it. I know all mental health resources for myself here in the city and none of these are existent. We do have a mental hospital however I personally know someone who tried to commit suicide and they turned her away because of no beds. They did not give her any resources just turned her away. We need something like this in the community. When thinking of the community I live in and mental health Glasby & Dickinson explain best what happens with mental health patients in communities. Glasby & Dickinson (2013) state, “People with mental health problems are also much more likely than members of the general population to be unemployed (7.9 per cent of people in contact with secondary mental health services are in paid employment), are much less likely to be homeowners, are disproportionately represented among homeless people and suffer significant discrimination and stigma.” For decades I was unable to discuss or talk about my mental health because I was treated different. Now I blog about it, talk about it, share my stories and hope someday I can make a difference in how my city views mental health.

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