Response To Discussion Post Minimum 150 Words 67

Respond to two peers’ initial posts with recommendations for other groups that may be without voice or underserved regarding this topic.

Student post down below:

Heath and Isbell (2017) explain, “Stakeholder” can be a challenging term to define. Indeed, much research has been conducted on the boundaries and limitations of what it means to be a stakeholder. Put in the most simplistic terms, stakeholders are any constituency that can affect or be affected by an organization (or in our case a collaboration).1 What is more relevant to collaboration is considering how each stakeholder sees the problem and what their unique perspective can add to innovation regarding the issue.” Unit five I discussed the homeless population. Two individuals who can be stakeholders the volunteers are individuals who would be considered stakeholders as they would be volunteering their time to ensure the homeless are served. They are there because they have a passion with helping the problem. Individual donators both in monetary value, items, or food. Individuals who donate anything to the organization are also individual stakeholders. These would be considered two groups of individual stakeholders. In regards o families. Any family who enters the shelter for help is also a stakeholder as they can help to shed light on why they became homeless and how this can be stopped. Another family stakeholder would be the families who were homeless and are now on their feet however they collaborate with the organization to help make sure needs are being met needs only they would know from being homeless. Their insight and them volunteering to help with other families to be an outlet to show others it is possible to get back on your feet from being homeless. These are the 2 individuals and families I chose as stakeholders.

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