Response To Discussion Post Minimum 150 Words 73

Reply to two peers’ initial posts with recommendations on strategies for sharing power specifically with a group that may have limited voice or be underserved.

Student post down below:

Nonprofit organizations that collaborate with other organizations to fulfill their mission have to be willing to share power with the agencies involved in the different programs they offer. “Successful collaborations hinge on the ability of stakeholders to share decision-making power (Heath & Isbell, 2017).” Each organization that is involved in the project(s) must know what their part is in the collaboration so that no one organization is more powerful than the other. When collaborative parties communicate and come to an understanding of what each is responsible for, this is an example of shared power. Shared power in the Young Marine organization when collaborating with organizations to provide a mentoring program to the community would be between after school programs like the YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, Boys and Girl Scouts. Each organization will be given the power to communicate how each organization could work together to get the program started. Each organization will have to work as a team if they want the program to be established and create an output worthy the funders and stakeholders. “Interagency practitioners from two or more different agencies working together. The ‘inter’-prefix denotes that there are definite interactions between the members and that there is active joint collaboration towards solving a problem – although members may not be approaching it from the same conceptual frameworks. The inter-prefix further tends to denote a greater propensity for team members to be willing to work across boundaries, which multi-professional teams may be less willing to do. Again, whether the suffix ‘team’ or ‘working’ is used should indicate whether this collaboration is towards a specific end the members are jointly accountable for achieving (Glasby & Dickinson, 2013).”

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