Saket Info Dis I Need A Discussion On The Below Topic 1

Hello students,

for this week we are concentrating on the learning objectives of Chapter 11 and 12 of our textbook. Please answer the following questions:

1. Why do you believe (or don’t believe) reviewing a risk assessment plan is important.

2. What are risk elements; what process/s is/are used to find these risk elements; what role does a cost-benefit analyzes play in evaluating these risk elements?

3. Explain your understanding of a risk mitigation plan. As you recall, this was already partially discussed in week 10. However, for this week, go into the specifics of the plan, to include a narrative on the best practices used.

4. What role those a business impact analysis play in the overall risk management process? Include a discussion on the steps and critical elements a business impact analysis will provide.

5. Discuss your understanding of the benefits that can be derived from a business impact analysis, to include best practices to follow.

Please make sure you include sources you have reviewed to answer these questions.

500 words, APA format and references atleast 2 or 3

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