Sales And Leases Of Personal Property Continued 4


I like the situation about The Return Season. How many times have you ever returned something to a store?

At Saks Fifth Avenue , they call it the “return season.” Return season occurs within the week following a major fund-raising formal dance. Women who have purchased formal eveningwear return the dresses after the dance. The dresses have been worn, and the tags have been cut, but the women return the dresses with requests for a full refund. Neiman Marcus, also experiences the same phenomenon of returns.

Some stores have implemented a policy that formal eveningwear may not be returned if the tags are cut from it. Others require a return within a limited period of seven days. Others offer an exchange only after five days.

Does a right of rejection under Article 2 cover the women? What do you think of the conduct of the women? Is it simply revocation of acceptance? Is there good faith on the part of the women?

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