Scenario Things Have Been Going Well With Your Job At Northwind Traders You Received Another Message Containing A File From Your Manager Today On Slack


Tasks in the picture

You will need to complete the requested reports for your manager. Download the spreadsheet with the raw dataPreview the document and create the requested reports using Goal Seek and Scenario Analysis.

Your final Excel workbook should have the following:

  • Goal Seek – Record the results in the indicated cells (G3:G5, I3:I5)
  • Scenario Summary – Identify the most profitable scenario in cells I6 and I7
    • Label in I6
    • Scenario in I7

Create a Microsoft Word or Google Docs document using a Business Letter/Memo template. In this letter/memo, summarize your findings from the Goal Seek and Scenario Analysis reports you created and offer recommendations to your boss based on your observations of the data.

Limit your document to a maximum total of two (2) pages.

Once your document is complete, you will then print/export this document as a PDF

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