Short Discussion 65

If you could change one thing about the institutions of the Nevada government, what would it be?

This week is about the institutions of Nevada government. You must focus on legislature, the executive, the judiciary, or local government in your post. You should write an objective argument based on your current knowledge. Another student will attempt to debate you by offering a different perspective based on the week’s text and videos. You will then provide a rebuttal and/or update your current understanding based on the week’s material and other students’ perspectives.

1. Describe one change you would make to the institutions of the Nevada government.

o Mention the one thing you would change.

o Mention why it is necessary that it be changed.

o Mention what would be the predicted result of the change.

o Mention both the benefits and costs of the status quo, the predicted effect of the change, and the relationship between the two.

2. Develop the narrative as an objective descriptive short-answer essay with persuasive elements.

o You should not write as though you are filling in the blanks of each “mention”.

o You will be penalized for writing as though it was only question and answer.

o A good post will be about two full paragraphs in length.

o While this post would be mostly based on your opinion, avoid using phrasing like “I believe”. Instead, you should develop a logical, objective argument.

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