Social Psychology Weekly Assignment


According to Politico, “the U.K.’s former health secretary claimed the country’s slow response to [the] coronavirus is partly [attributable] to ‘groupthink’ among top scientists and civil servants” that led to a mismanagement of the crisis ( Similar problems with leadership and poor group decision-making seem to have contributed to an ineffective response to the pandemic in the United States.

Your assignment for this week is to:

1. Define “groupthink”; and

2. Briefly (e.g., in a few sentences) explain how these group processes (e.g., the “symptoms” of groupthink; see Figure 8.5) might apply to government responses to the coronavirus pandemic.

i will attach photos of the book

for referencing the book is > Revel for Social Psychology, Sixth Canadian Edition (by E. Aronson, T.D. Wilson, B. Fehr, & R.M. Akert)

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