Social Welfare Policies And Programs Program Analysis Case Study

Program Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate student learning in analyzing policy. A scenario/case study of a problematic or problem-solving situation will be provided to students (see Appendix). Develop a 2 page paper (typed and double-spaced) which describes the appropriate social welfare programs which are relevant for one of the following case examples. Include discussion of eligibility, benefits, and the adequacy of the available services.



Single-parent family headed by Jane Smith, 24 years old. There are two children, William is 4 years old,

and Sally is 2 years old. Jane is currently unemployed, did not work long enough to be covered by

Unemployment Insurance, has exhausted all of her savings, and receives no alimony or child support.

The family is temporarily staying at a Salvation Army family shelter, but must leave at the end of the

month. For what services might the Smith family be eligible? What do you recommend?

Most important:

  • Use APA for this paper.
  • Only 2 pages without the cover and references.

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