Spain And Portugal

Chapter 15 – pick one

  • Were Spain and Portugal’s transitions to Democracy truly revolutionary? If so, how?
  • How has the video shifted your understanding of the Cold War? Do you think this video has any shortcomings? Why or why not?

Chapter 16 – pick one

  • Why did Willy Brandt not receive Mikhail Gorbachev when Gorbachev paid him a visit in Berlin?
  • Did Capitalism win or did Communism give up?

Friendly Reminder

As stated on the syllabus and in class, in order to gain full credit, you must post an initial response of 250-400 words that answer the above prompts, as well as provide points of interest to you, as well as questions you still have regarding the material, or questions you can pose to the class for rhetorical purposes. Feel free to also reflect on the events you read about as long as you have already prioritized answering the above questions.

Subsequently, please post at least one 100-word minimum response to one of your classmates’ posts

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