Spanish 2 Writing Assignment Easy

**Must Be written in spanish grammer or just translated!!!


How do extracurricular activities, such as arts and sports, contribute to the well-being of the community or town?

The essay must be at least 250 words long and must include at least three paragraphs:


1. An introductory paragraph that:

  • present the trial context
  • include a sentence that answers the question, which is your thesis

2. An explanatory paragraph that:

  • state one or two arguments that support your thesis
  • Give examples or reasons that support your arguments

3. A concluding paragraph that:

  • summarize the arguments leading to the thesis
  • restate the thesis in other words

Please refer to the three sources in Module 2.

  • Source 1 Exploration: Playtime —LINK->
  • Source 2 Exploration: Touch and Fight
  • Source 3 Exploration: Being a teenager today in Colombia

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