Summary 48

Here what he wants from me:

  1. As with Assignment 1, again you are to find recent tweets that are particularly interesting to you pertaining to cybersecurity. This time, while you will write up five tweets, you may use any of the people you follow (including any of the people I showed you or any you have added). For each of these people, post a link to a tweet that is particularly interesting, and summarize it in about two sentences each, using Solution1A:, Solution1B: etc for each. Do not just cut and paste, and do not just take the first line or two of the main content of the tweet. Actually summarize it for yourself. For example: Solution1A: Link: Shows how ServiceNow (cloud-based company offering IT services management) exposed information it should not. In its Knowledge Management application, once an entry is created with endpoint of form KB00xxxx, they are publicly reachable and but should not be, leaking passwords, corporate domain tokens, and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) between employees. remembering that ALL of the above line is a single line (no carriage returns except after the final word employees.).
  2. As for Assignment 1, again find five (5) interesting posts from any of the security blogs you wish (including those I showed you). For each, using Solution2A:, Solution2B: etc., find a post and summarize it much like you did in question1.
  3. Read up on the difference between TCP and UDP and explain in a sentence or two when you use each as well as why the headers are so different.

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