Superbugs Reflection Paper

  1. Describe ONE ACTION that could help mitigate the problem of antimicrobial drug resistant microbes. EXPLAIN HOW this action would slow the spread of antimicrobial resistant microorganisms. You may use solutions presented by others as long as you cite your source!
  2. Besides how your suggested action would reduce the spread of antimicrobial drug resistant microbes (your answer to #1), describe at least one other pro of your suggested action compared to other possible actions. For example: Why might your recommended course of action be more easily implemented, more cost effective, or have a bigger impact on the problem than another approach?
  3. Describe at least one con of your suggested course of action compared with other possible courses of action. For example: Why might some people resist implementation of your course of action?
  4. Discuss the consequences and implications of ignoring the problem of antimicrobial drug resistance.

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