The Age Of Swing Amp Race

The Age of Swing & Race

Your initial post is due by Sunday, follow-up response posts are due by Wednesday.


Step 1

Read the document on The Age of Swing and take a look at the video/audio examples below.

Benny Goodman Orchestra (2:11)

Flectcher Henderson (2:53)

Step 2

Consider the 3 questions found below concerning “The Age of Swing & Race” for your initial posting in a discussion format (do not repeat the questions) by Wednesday of this Week.

a. Jazz and swing had roots in African-American music. Why, then, do you think the white musician Benny Goodman became the “King of Swing”? Be specific.

b. Why were racial lines more easily blurred and crossed in the musical world than in other social areas and arenas? Be specific.

c. What forms of music today challenge taboos (racial or other) as swing did in the 1930s and 1940s? Give a few examples.

IT MUST BY IN YOUR OWN WORDS, with a word count of 150 to 250 words. I send written work through originality check software. Adhere to proper spelling and grammar rules.

Make sure to express your thoughts in a thoughtful, meaningful way. Use Word spell check before submitting your work. Excess misspelling/grammar errors or generally sloppy work will result in point deduction.

Step 3

Respond to 2 fellow student posts. These postings should also be meaningful in at least 75 to 100 words. Answers such as, “I agree”, “Sounds good”, etc. are unacceptable and will result in a deduction of total possible points for this exercise.

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