The One Minute

Listen to the last segments from the final part of the audiobook version of The One Minute Salesperson:

Click on the image to listen to the introduction and the third part of the audiobook version of The One Minute Salesperson.

The One Minute Salesperson Presentation Part 3 of 3:…

Now address the following, single-spaced, minimum two pages total.

  1. Explain how the skill of putting your focus on the customer’s needs and creating value for them can be applied to your own self-management.
  2. What is your interpretation of the 20/80 rule? Describe what the book says. Then describe whether you do follow this guideline, or you know that you don’t. If not, should you? Will you?
  3. Explain in your own words the three elements of One Minute Management: Goals, Praisings, Redirects/Reprimands (each team member should provide a personal example for each, where either you have, or how you will, use these three tenants).

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