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Utilization of evidence-based practice measures indicates the best scientific evidence, patient advocacy, and clinician expertise are used in the delivery of health care (Lehane et al., 2019). However, the translation of research into practice and incorporation of clinical practice guidelines for systematically changing the culture of the organization still remains a serious issue for many hospital systems. Differences in educational level and clinical experiences of nursing staff and poor understanding of the importance of EBP in producing high-quality care and patient outcomes are major reasons for the integration of an evidence-based practice measure. Specific to my organization, a participatory approach to bring about an evidence-based practice change and ensuring buy-in from key stakeholders such as the practicing nurses is a major issue noticed during the early phases of development of previous EBP projects. The first step in addressing and resolving this issue would be conducting a focus group interview using around six to twelve nurses so that perceptions and points of view regarding EBP could be shared and evaluated. Focus groups are excellent methods for collecting subjective perspectives of key stakeholders. The group dynamic can provide important information better than individual data collection and this method is easy to set up and relatively quicker (Cooper, 2013). By understanding the
perceptions of nurses, the barriers to promotion and adoption of evidence-based practice measures could be addressed effectively.

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