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A issue within my organization is insufficient discharge planning utilizing EBP routine. Over the past 30 years, hospital stays have decreased considerably. Often patients are discharged earlier than they should be in order to meet financial goals. In many cases, this practice has led to increases in readmissions, and also are putting patients lives at risk. Studies have shown that as many as 40 percent of patients over 65 had medication errors after leaving the hospital, and 18 percent of Medicare patients discharged from a hospital are readmitted within 30 days (Levine, 2009). EBP has shown that educating the patient and ensuring understanding on discharge can promote quality transition of care, whether the discharge is to home, or a rehabilitation. Nursing providing discharge planning aims to decrease time spent in hospital, improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Patients, family caregivers, and health care providers all play roles in maintaining a patients health after discharge. My organization should ensure that Nurses are educated on the proven research of decreased readmission rates when certain interventions are implemented. Nursing interventions such as providing education and patient understands all education being presented and if any resources will be needed. Organization should also provide nurses with enough EBP resources, and time to be able to present to patients. Providing education such as importance of medication adherence, how to administer medications, medication side effects, signs and symptoms when to seek medical attention, if any wound treatment ensure the patient or family member could properly complete the task and request to teach back. Safely transitioning patients from hospital to home is a complex process that requires successfully completing a number of tasks in addition to education such as coordinating care with outside physicians, have home inspected for any safety hazards, and refferal for services such as meals on wheels, CHHA, OT, PT, and supplies. Effective discharge planning can decrease the chances that the patient is readmitted to the hospital, and can also help in recovery, ensure medications are prescribed and given correctly, and adequately (Horwitz, 2013).

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