Use Only Attached Sources For Referencing The Essay Question Has Many Parts Which Should Be Responded To Independently From The Sources Provided

Atleast 500 words do not exceed 800

Based upon the all three of the readings for this week, do you believe that the challenges inherent in interviewing active offenders outweigh the rewards of potential insights or knowledge which may be gleaned into offender decision-making? In other words, is this type of research worth conducting? Take a position either way and point to various aspects of the articles to fully support your position. Also, to what extent, if any, should a fieldworker be willing to either participate in or have ‘guilty knowledge’ of various crimes? For example, would it be appropriate for a field researcher to participate in minor acts of vandalism (e.g. graffiti) to establish rapport with his or her subjects? Be sure to fully elaborate. Next, please reflect upon Scott Jacques’ (2010) article, “The Necessary Conditions for Retaliation.” Point to one aspect of his theory of non-violent and violent forms of drug markets that may lend itself to criticism by other scholars. Once you have done this, please provide a suggestion as to how this particular aspect of Jacques’ theory can be approved upon. Note: Even if you agree with all of the propositions laid out by Jacques (2010), you must identify at least one potential weakness or area and discuss how it can be strengthened. Finally, please point to one aspect of Bruce Jacobs’ (2012) that you found to be of interest. Be sure to explain how it furthers our understanding of violent street crimes. Please provide a critical thinking question to the class.

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