Use The Following Data Set To Complete The Problems


23, 26, 50, 39, 55, 64, 50, 20, 42, 35, 51, 42, 43, 56, 64, 48, 48, 57, 27, 37

List the data values in order from lowest to highest.

When entering your answer, separate the numbers with a comma (as shown in the data set).

Find n, the number of data values.

Find the width for a frequency distribution with 5 classes of equal width.

Create a frequency distribution table.

Enter the lower class limit, then a dash, then the upper class limit; then a space, then enter the frequency.

or example, 1-5 8.

Show that the frequencies in the table add up to the sample size.

For the electronic submission, answer the following question: What is the sum of the frequencies?

Question 7 (6 points)

Part 3: continued

6. Create a histogram

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