Using Android App Studio

Using your mobile application development environment, create a new single-screen app to simulate a full app’s main page. Specifically, address the following:
1. Include a text element to display the app title (use your name)
2. Create three appropriately aligned buttons (no functionality required)
3. Take a screenshot of your app running in an emulator4. Use the Milestone Submission Template to submit your work

You need to complete the template by adding screenshot and explaining how you did it and experience.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: Submit a screenshot showing your finished milestone product in an emulator or in the integrated development environment Include a detailed explanation of the work you did in this milestone and how you were able to accomplish it Write a reflection on the experience and the lessons learned in this milestoneMake sure to display your name in the final result. Displaying your name in the final results is required in all project submissions.

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