website assignment 1

As an administrative assistant to Walmart’s director of marketing, you have just received a request from the company’s webmaster to analyze Walmart’s website from a consumer’s point of view. Visit (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and browse through the site, considering the language, layout, graphics and overall ease of use. “As with other social media, the keys to effective UGC are making it valuable and making it easy.” (Thill and Bovee, p. 195) In particular look for aspects of the site that might be confusing or frustrating – annoyances that could prompt shoppers to abandon their quests and head to a competitor such as Target or Amazon. Summarize your findings in an email message that could be sent to the webmaster. Make sure you mention at least two positive things and two negative (“opportunities for improvement”) that you notice on the site. Suggest ways that the site can be improved to enhance the customer experience.


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