Where Do You See Administrative Theory Intersect With The Importance Of Forecasting Changes And Patterns In Public Relations 1


this should be full 18 pages double spaced (not including title and references pages)

use the references attached and you can add more references that you can find, in order to meet the minimum of 18 pages

Where do you see administrative theory intersect with: The importance of forecasting changes and patterns in public relations?

This paper will be a case study application of the theories. You must focus your paper on the connection between theories and theorists (attached).

Prepare a written analysis, generally following the guidelines given below. Your analysis should be approximately 18 pages in length (double spaced exclusive of title page and reference list) and follow proper APA formatting. This paper is intended to applying a theory or set of theories to a practical policy or organizational situation and building a review of literature to back up your analysis.


A major component of this paper will be the review of literature based on the theorists. Each research paper will, of course, be different. However, the central issue in your analysis should be to describe what the case tells us about the theory and practice of public administration. There is no one best way to address this. Thus, as you think about the answer to this primary question, you will need to develop your own framework for answering it. Some general questions that you may want to consider including the following:

  • What are the issues and why are they issues?
  • Who are the actors?
  • What leads the various actors to make the choices or take the positions that they do? What are the personal forces? What are the organizational forces? What are the external forces?
  • What theoretical perspectives or models help you understand what happened in the case? How?

What does the case tell us concerning;

  • The nature of the policy system and the policy making process?
  • The decision making process?
  • Leadership and management?
  • Administrative ethics?

In analyzing the case, you should draw upon class readings, peer-reviewed journal articles, legitimate online resources (do not rely on Wikipedia, encyclopedias, dictionaries, or other non-academic sources) as well as personal experiences that may be relevant to your study.

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