Why Are So Many United States Navy Sailor S Complaining Of G E R D 1


G.E.R.D is Gastroesophageal reflux disease also so known as acid reflux is becoming a common condition for military personnel that either served or are still serving in the United States Navy.


Research 5 documented incidents of how a United States Navy Sailor may have developed G.E.R.D while serving a 4 year period onboard of a United States War Ship, particularly a Destroyer. Include specific documented reasoning according to these 5 incidents including any special operations that may have aggravated the condition of the G.E.R.D or acid reflux. Each incident should be from a different sailor.

Special Instructions:

In APA Format, use 1-2 paragraphs to summarize each documented incident. 1 page minimum. In-text citations is required.

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