Women Amp Leisure 1

1. In the 1980s Madonna says: “To the feminists, I would like to point out that they are missing a couple of things, I may be dressing like the typical bimbo, but I’m in charge and isn’t that what feminism is all about?” At the time there was a reaction against Madonna. How has her persona evolved over time – using a feminist lens? Think of other pop culture figures – has this changed/stayed the same?

2. Abigail Pogrebin says: “I think my mother was angry about a lot of things and turned that anger into action, I don’t feel that anger, and sometimes I’m ashamed to admit it.” Then latter laments how hard it was for her as a working mother to balance work and family. Why do you think she see those issues as not ones to take action on?

watch video then answer both questions 300 words minimum

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