Work Breakdown Structures And Critical Paths 1

Case Study Information: Read the case study on the project initiated, planned, executed and commissioned by McDonald’s. Based on your study of the case study, you are required to write a paragraph that will discuss the following points:

1. The objectives behind the project.

2. The probable risks that could affect the project.

3. The value to the business that the project will create.

4. The milestones that signified that the project was a success.

5. Conclusion focusing on your initial thoughts regards project management and its applications.

You may make any assumptions as required, but the assumptions must be justified by proper reasoning based on project management principles.

Case Study Question:

Based on the case study, write a paragraph highlighting the objectives behind the organization to initiate, plan, execute and commission a project of this capacity. What were the business drivers for this project? What business value would this bring to the organization and in addition what were the criteria to measure whether this project was successful?

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