Worksheet The Cell

Worksheet #7

Ch. 4 The Cell

Please put your answers in red or another color

The Animal Cell

Match the organelle with its function:

  1. Nucleus, b) nucleolus, c) cytoskeleton, d) peroxisome, e) lysosome, f) mitochondria,

g) golgi apparatus, h) rough ER, i) smooth ER, j) ribosome, k) plasma membrane

. synthesises lipid and steroids

. synthesises proteins and sends them to the golgi apparatus

. made of tubules that make the framework of the cell

. digests (breaks down) alcohols

. is made of phospholipids and surrounds the entire cell

. synthesises proteins. Can be free or fixed

. synthesises ATP through cellular respiration

. Holds the DNA of the cell

. has strong digestive enzymes that can break down carbohydrates, lipids and proteins

. the middle of the nucleus

. receives packages, modifies the products, and sends vesicles out into the cell

The Plant Cell

Match the letter with the appropriate organelle.

. vacuole,

. cell wall,

. mitochondria,

. golgi apparatus,

. nucleus,

What is the hypothesis as to how mitochondria and chloroplasts have their own DNA?

List the organelles found in both plant and animals:

List the organelles found only in plants:

Plasma Membrane

Describe the “fluid mosaic model” of the plasma membrane. What structures will you find making up the plasma membrane? Include the actual bilayer as well as other structures found embedded inside.

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