Write A Professional Email

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You are the General Manager of a hotel in Florida and you’ve just received a complaint email from a disgruntled customer who was unable to get in a room at your hotel due to overbooking. The customer prepaid and booked 8 months in advance and not only sent you a complaint email, but also posted a negative review on TripAdvisor and Twitter as well as posted a video on YouTube showing his negative experience when attempting to check into a room.

write one email to Mr. Ward in response to his email complaint. In your message, you will acknowledge and apologize for the incident and invite Mr. Ward and his family to return to the hotel. You cannot offer Mr. Ward any benefits outside those specified in the hotel’s Walking Procedures. Your email response should be single-spaced and no longer than three paragraphs. Think about what you need to consider in your response. If done well, your email will encourage Mr. Ward to post an update on TripAdvisor that presents Colonnade Hotel and Resort in a more positive light. You might consider how much detail to provide about the overbooking policy. Regardless of your rationale, overbooking may be difficult for even the most agreeable customer to accept.

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