Write An Argumentative Essay

  • 3 pages (850-900 words) in MLA format
  • 3 sources required; no more than 4 sources allowed
        • must use 2 sources from your selected topic set(will send the 2 sources)
        • must use 1 source from a reliable online location (you find this source yourself)
        • may use one additional source from the topic sets or found online independently (maximum 4 total sources)
        • a Works Cited page including your 3 or 4 sources
  • use at least one direct quotation from each source–more than one would be preferable–and plenty of supporting details
  • effectively evaluate the arguments presented in each source (do not simply pull a quotation from an article without representing the overall argument & author’s purpose)

particular skills to develop for this essay include:

* using textual evidence to build and support an opinion
* evaluating arguments in a balanced manner
* identifying and responding to logical arguments and logical fallacies
* locating and evaluating effective sources online
* handling quotations effectively (introduce, integrate, respond)
* avoiding mishandling & plagiarism of source material
* using the MLA documentation system (updated for 2016)

It is not always necessary to “take a side” on complex cultural debates, but students should be able to weigh the merits of the arguments on both sides.

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