Write One Page Outline And Preliminary Bibliography For My Islam In America Class 1

just 300 words double spaced needed based on the instructions below


This guidlines in for my research paper that has three parts to it, this outline is the first part. Please tell me if you are interested in the rest of the parts.

This assignment is for the outline and preliminary bibliography. The topic is Mohammed Ali and he’s islam influence in America. develop it into an outline that is about half a page or so. Go into more detail than just giving a topic sentence, such as “My paper will be a look at the life of Muhammad Ali”. Instead, expand that out in a few paragraphs, listing what you intend to write about, and how you intend to develop your paper. After the outline, include at least 3 scholarly sources that you will use as you research your paper. You don’t have to have read those sources yet, but as part of doing your outline, I want you to think about the bibliography that you will develop.

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