Your Post Should Be About 7 9 Sentences In Length Use Academic Writing E G No Contractions Or Slang That Is Well Edited E G Free From Capitalization Errors No Missing Words Or Misspellings Etc

Rendón Article

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First, read “From the Barrio to the Academy: Revelations of a Mexican American ‘Scholarship Girl.'” The compose a discussion board (DB) post that addresses one of the questions below:

  1. According to the introduction of the text, what are the two worlds students must choose from? Do you agree or disagree? Explain your answer.
  2. Rendón describes comforts and discomforts that stemmed from attending college with her friends. What were these? Have you had similar or difference experiences compared to Rendón?
  3. How does Rendón describe “pure” academics when compared to her work and writing? How does this interact with your work in Paper 1 in this class?
  4. Rendón reflects, “For us, it is important that from the beginning of our college career, our professors express their sincere belief that we are capable of learning and can be taught to learn” (61). What does this mean, and why do you think this is important? Have you experienced a class or professor who holds this belief, or conversely, have you seen its absence in your experiences?
  5. What are some of Rendón’s research interests, and what were the responses of her colleagues to these interests? Do you think these beliefs still exist today? Explain your answer.
  6. Rendón offers advice for institutions to change. What are these?
  7. Rendón critiques faculty and colleagues towards the end of her essay. What is her critique and what do you make of this?

Your post should be about 7-9 sentences in length. Use academic writing (e.g. no contractions or slang) that is well-edited (e.g. free from capitalization errors, no missing words, or misspellings, etc.).

Also, please include page numbers for your readers’ reference. For MLA, the basic format is to use the author’s last name in the actual sentence or in parenthesis. Then list the page number; do not include the word, “page,” or the abbreviations “pg.” or “p.” Here are examples of how to do in-text citations:

  • According to Rendón, “quote” (61).
  • Rendón compares her story to Rodriguez (55).
  • “Quote” (Rendón 57).

For more info on MLA, view this site:

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